The Integratron


If you would have told the high school me, that my future self would be partaking in things like sound baths or meditation to cleanse my soul, I would have been all, “Eww.  No way.  That’s only something the weirdos who shop at the Wild Oats market and smell like patchouli would be into.”  Cut to present day and I’m the one rallying my friends to try things like depravation chambers, sessions with shamans, meditation classes…you get the idea.

My first trip to The Integratron was 3 years ago when we went for my friend Christina’s birthday party.  Since then, we’ve made it an annual trip.  What the fuck is The Integratron?  Let me tell you: it’s a 38-foot high, 55-foot diameter, all wood dome that was designed to be an electrostatic generator for the purpose of rejuvenation and time travel (I didn’t come up with that myself, I stole it off their website).  But real talk, they do sound baths there and its fucking magical.  2Smack dab in the Mojave Desert is where you’ll find this little slice of heaven.  It’s in Landers, CA which isn’t too far past Joshua Tree.  When you arrive they have this great little area to chill in while you wait to do your sound bath.  3 4There is also some cool art to look at.6 7

You can rent out The Integratron for a private session, with a group of your own choosing or you can be part of a pop-up, which is with a group not of your choosing.  I’ve done both and they are equally great.

When you enter the dome, you are guided up a narrow flight of stairs to where the magic happens. 8All around the floor are make-shift beds (yoga mats covered by blankets and a pillow) that you’re on for the duration of the session.  9The sound bath consists of someone playing crystal bowls for 23 minutes.  Apparently 22 minutes is an optimal amount of time for your brain to rest and reset.  I think that is what Joanne, one of the owners, told us during our last visit.  However, I have a terrible memory so I could have just made that up but it sounds like it could be a thing, so let’s go with it.  I do remember her telling us that each bowl plays a different note and each note corresponds with a different chakra.   10It’s hard to explain the experience but I’m going to try.  If it were physically possible to lay inside a speaker, that is what a sound bath would be the equivalent too.  It’s loud and resonant and you feel it through your entire body.  Yet it’s soothing, relaxing and meditative.  Guys, that’s a terrible explanation.  You just have to experience it for yourself.  feet11If you want more info on The Integratron like, how to get there, cost, the history of the place, you can check it out here —->



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