Vegan gluten-free yogurt parfait popsicles


First of all, let me start by saying these may not look amazing but they tasted AMAZING!  I saw a photo of something similar on Instagram and there was no recipe so I had to sort of improvise and make up own.  So forgive me if things are exact.

Here’s what you’ll need: 12-16 oz of vegan unsweetened yogurt, 1/4 non-dairy milk (almond, soy, hemp, coconut), 2 dates, granola, fresh berries of choice and popsicle molds.


Sometimes finding the ingredients that you need can be challenging.  I wanted to find a vegan yogurt that wasn’t loaded with sugar, which is where Blode Kuh comes in.  Sadly, if you’re not in the Los Angeles area I don’t think you can get it, but I think I may have found something similar at Whole Foods (more on that later.)  Blode Kuh makes a cashew yogurt that has no added sugars.  I bought the plain and the vanilla date. The 6 oz container of the vanilla is sweetened with only half a date and the plain is not sweetened at all.1

I mixed both of the containers together in the Vitamix with a 1/4 cup of almond milk and I added another date and a half so it would be less tart.  The mixture was a little bit runny but I figured it would probably be ok.  Next time I might try to use full fat coconut milk and see what happens.

Next I blended together a handful of blueberries with a little bit of water.  Just enough so the mixture would blend.  The blueberries were already so sweet I didn’t need add anything else.  I forgot to take photos of that part because I was overly excited.  :/

Take your popsicles molds and pour in the yogurt mixture first, then the blueberry mix and add in some granola.  I did 3/4 yogurt mix and 1/4 blueberry but in hindsight I should have layered it more.  I used gluten free store-bought granola but you can also make your own.  I took a knife and pushed the granola down so it really got in there.


Put them in the freezer for a few hours and then enjoy!

Check out Blode Kuh and all their delicious products

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