My Current Vegan Obsessions

There are always so many things that I’m currently crushing on.  And because I’m not rich, YET, I can’t buy all them right this moment.  While I find fashion to be a priority I know that sometimes my money is better spent paying bills so I can keep the lights on.

While I’ve been vegan for a few years now, it wasn’t until about a year ago that I decided to fully embrace the lifestyle.  When I started this blog, even though I was no longer buying animal products, I still owned them.  Now I’m happy to report that I’ve gotten rid of most of them and have been selling off the rest.  Again, I have no judgement on anyone else’s life choices but I feel much better not owning them.  I’m all about the animals man 🙂

Back the business at hand…my current obsessions.

#1 Gunas New York


While I have 2 Gunas bags already, I want more.  And this one in particular.  It’s so cute and girly.  For anyone not familiar with Gunas, they are a company based in New York and started by Sugandh G. Agrawal.  They are 100% vegan and cruelty free and care about ethics and sustainability as well.

Obsession #2 Angela Roi

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Angela Roi is hitting it out of the park with their handbags.  Everything is so classy and chic.  I love this Sunday Tote II bag, (that comes in a variety of colors) because it reminds me Celine bag but for an affordable price and it’s vegan.  Angela Roi is animal free and sweat shop free.  Another amazing thing is that each color of bags is linked to a different non-profit organization so when you purchase a bag from them, they donate 5% of the sale to that charity.  How can you NOT love that!?!

Obsession #3 Vaute Couture


Just as I was getting ready to purchase a winter coat, Los Angeles decided that our February weather should top out at 90 DEGREES!!!! Fucking crazy, right?  However the rest of the country is still enjoying the winter so I wanted to share these awesome coats from Vaute.  This is the Angela Swing Coat and I love it!  It’s a hooded cape and it happens to be on sale.  Vaute is a vegan company started by Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart and is touted as being “The World’s First All Vegan Fashion Brand.”  In addition to making vegan winter coats that are actually warm, they have some super cute men’s and women’s fashion.

Obsession #4 Rebel Soul Collective


Recently my friend Lauren, had tagged me in a post on Instagram (you can follow me at @thehautevegan).  It was a photo that Rebel Soul Collective has posted of a graffiti’d wall in Austria that said “Eat Pussy Not Animals” and since Rebel Soul makes cool ass t-shirts already, they turned it into one.  While some people might find this shirt a little to abrasive to wear, I cannot wait to get mine and rock it the fuck out!  They also have some other fun tees.  Check it out.

Obsession # 5 Nicora Shoes


I’ve been eyeing these Willow Ankle Boots in Bone for awhile.  They had been out of stock but now they are back!  I love them because they remind of something people might have worn in the Victorian era, yet they are still so fun and modern.  Nicora shoes are produced from start to finish on US soil.  Each raw material used in the shoe making is domestically sourced, premium grade and environmentally friendly. No part of the supply chain or production process involves the exploitation of humans, animals or the environment.  Not to mention, sa sa cute!  Got get a pair.

Obsession # 6 Sydney Brown Shoes


Guys, do you die right now?  I mean…loafers with a copper heel!!!  Ugh, they are so great.  Sydney Brown is a directional, luxury footwear label, which offers a unique combination of dynamic design and ethical and sustainable production.  I didn’t even know about them until like 2 weeks ago!  All of the shoes are vegan and use eco-friendly materials.  I’ve never seen such unique vegan shoes before.  I know for sure these will be my next big purchase.

Thanks for checking out this post!



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