My Favorite Town In The World

Hallstatt-1 Hallstatt-2 Hallstatt-3 Hallstatt-4 Hallstatt-5 Hallstatt-6 Hallstatt-7 Hallstatt-8 Hallstatt-9

I’d seen on some random person’s instagram (you know how that goes when you fall down a rabbit hole), this gorgeous town called Hallstatt in Austria that looked fake.  It was so beautiful in the photo that I knew it was a place I wanted to visit.  So when we planned our trip to Germany for my man’s bday, I checked a map to see if was near any of the places we were going and lucky for me it was!

Hallstatt is like an hour or so from Salzburg.  It’s this tiny town (859 people) tucked into the hillside surrounded by a lake.  It’s so quaint you’ll die.  It also is home to what I believe is the oldest salt mine in the world.  It’s 7000 years old.  They were discovering it around the time the Egyptians were building the pyramids if that gives you any reference.  And if you’re go to Hallstatt, definitely take the salt mine tour.  It’s one of the few things to do here.

Right before we were about to take photos, these thick black clouds rolled in, which was kind of perfect.  We were able to get a few shots and then we got soaked but it was magical and perfect.  If you’re looking for the most stunning, quaint little place to visit, Hallstatt is where it’s at.  But make sure you get a reservation at a hotel well before you go because with so few places to stay, everything gets booked up quick.

Dress: Privacy Please (Revolve)

Shoes: Jessica Simpson Style Collection

Purse: Antik Kraft

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