Bandanas and Bodysuits

suit-1 suit-2 suit-3 suit-4 suit-5 suit-6 suit-7 suit-8 suit-9

I love supporting companies that are 100 % vegan, which is why I was so excited to get some stuff from Vaute Couture.  “VAUTE (“Haute” with a “V” for Vegan, pronounced “Vote”) is “The World’s First All-Vegan Fashion Brand.” (NYLON) Based in Brooklyn, VAUTE was founded by Chicagoan Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart as a quest to take animals out of the fashion equation, and create the perfect winter dress coat warm enough for a Chicago winter. (Vaute website)”

I love me a good body suit so I was super excited when Vaute launched their summer collection for 2016 which included them along with super cute bathing suits and cover-ups.

Bodysuit: Vaute Couture

Jeans: Paige

Shoes: Madden Girl (Faux leather)

Bandana: Urban Outfitters

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