Ready For Fall

sweat-1 sweat-2 sweat-3 sweat-4 sweat-5 sweat-6 sweat-7 sweat-8 sweat-9 sweat-10

My friends and I have been doing these things called “clothing swaps” for awhile now.  They’re great!  You get all your friends together and everyone brings clothes that they want to get rid of.  Then, you lay out all the stuff and everyone takes what they want from the piles of clothes, shoes, and accessories.  It’s amazing how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure (so cliche but so true).  I always come away from them with a shit load of new clothes and I didn’t have to pay a dime.  Plus, whatever doesn’t get scooped up, gets donated to a women’s shelter so it’s a win win.

Sweater: Random Store In Santa Fe (I’ll try and figure out what it’s called)

Jeans: 7 For All Mankind (From the clothing swap)

Boots: Very Volatile

Photos: Becca Murray

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