Mix and Match

crop-1 crop-2 crop-3 crop-4 crop-5 crop-6 crop-7

I love going into my closet and mixing things up.  Awhile back I had gotten a 2 piece set from Lulu’s and I remember thinking that both pieces could easily be worn separately.  I love this little frilly crop top so much.  Paired it up with some high waisted Levi’s and boom!

We are so spoiled in Los Angeles because the weather here allows me to wear stuff like this year round.  I’m sure everyone reading this where its freezing is like, “Go fuck yourself” as you bundle up in layers for the cold weather.  But honestly it’s one of the main reasons I love living in Southern California.  The weather rarely gets below 60’s.   Fun fact: I don’t know how to dress for cold weather.

Top: Lulu’s

Jeans: Levi’s

Shoes: Nine West

Photos: Becca Murray


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