Grey Day

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I found myself wondering the other day: people who live where’s it’s cold…WHY DO YOU LIVE WHERE IT’S COLD!?!  I ask because I am such a wuss when it comes to the blistery, cold weather and so I’m curious how other people deal with it.  After living in California for the last 18 years, my blood is so thin and when the temperature drops below 60, I’m dying.  Ok, maybe that’s being a little dramatic.  I can kinda handle the 50’s but below that I’m a whiney bitch.

I’ve been in Vermont for a few weeks.  My boyfriend grew up here and his family is still here so we come back often to visit.  It’s so gorgeous here this time of year.  You get to see all the leaves changing and can snuggle by the fire.  That’s the stuff I really enjoy.  We take lots of long drives and we passed by this covered bridge and I made Adam pull over so we could take some photo.  I froze my butt off but it was worth it 🙂

Dress and Scarf:  Marshall’s

Boots: Rocket Dog

Location: Ferrisburg, Vermont

2 thoughts on “Grey Day

    1. Yes! I have two pairs of them and they are both insanely comfortable. I’ve also had great luck with Target’s shoes, Lulu’s, Matisse Footwear has some vegan options that are super comfy as well.


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