My Favorite Vegan Makeup

Hey Guys!

Today is exciting because we are talking about vegan cruelty free makeup!  When I first went vegan it took me some time to slowly transition everything, besides food, to accompany my newly vegan lifestyle.  I wasn’t sure if I should throw away all my non-vegan makeup or just use up what I had and then replace it with vegan cruelty free stuff when I ran out.  I ended up doing a combination of the two.  I don’t really wear that much makeup so I probably was holding on to stuff that should have been thrown away a long time ago and also I’m an all or nothing person.   If you are making the transition to vegan or just wanting to switch to cruelty free products, I think it’s totally fine to use up what you’ve already bought and then just replace it with vegan/cruelty free when you need new stuff.

I can’t remember exactly how long I’ve been vegan (3.5-4 yrs) which is crazy because honestly it is one of the best things I’ve ever done.  But I’ve tried a lot of different products over the years and I’ve compiled a very very small list of the things I like and use on a daily basis.  I made a video for your viewing pleasure.  I’d love to hear what some of your FAVORITE vegan products are!  I’m always on the hunt for new products.