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Recently, I bought this funky 70’s dress at Cross Roads in Silverlake.  It’s kind of weird and whacky but I thought it was fun and I loved the billowing sleeves.  I brought it to the photo shoot we did not knowing what the house looked like on the inside but once I got there I was so glad I did. I feel like this house belongs in Palm Springs. For anyone who’s never been to Palm Springs, every fucking house is retro.  Ok…maybe not EVERY house, but a lot of them are along with a large majority of the hotels.

All these photos were taken by the lovely and amazing Cathy Sunu

The Prairie Dress



There is this great American Vintage on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks, CA that has amazing clothes.  One of the things I really like is that they have an entire section designated just to prairie dresses.  Now, you’re probably thinking “what the fuck do I need a prairie dress for?” and the answer is, probably nothing.  However, I bought one thinking I might use it for a photo shoot, auditions, or a halloween costume.  And now YOU have some ideas of what you could use a prairie dress for.  You’re welcome.

I’ve yet to wear it to an audition or as a costume, but I have used it in a few photos shoots already.  These photos are from a recent shoot I did with one of my favorite photographers, Cathy Sunu  She had rented this amazing vacation home out in Fallbrook, CA and we shot a bunch of different things there (more to come later).

It’s hard to believe that people used to do hard labor in outfits like this.  Though, if we’re being honest I can’t imagine doing hard labor in any outfit.  I’m too lazy for that shit.