Vegan gluten-free yogurt parfait popsicles


First of all, let me start by saying these may not look amazing but they tasted AMAZING!  I saw a photo of something similar on Instagram and there was no recipe so I had to sort of improvise and make up own.  So forgive me if things are exact.

Here’s what you’ll need: 12-16 oz of vegan unsweetened yogurt, 1/4 non-dairy milk (almond, soy, hemp, coconut), 2 dates, granola, fresh berries of choice and popsicle molds.


Sometimes finding the ingredients that you need can be challenging.  I wanted to find a vegan yogurt that wasn’t loaded with sugar, which is where Blode Kuh comes in.  Sadly, if you’re not in the Los Angeles area I don’t think you can get it, but I think I may have found something similar at Whole Foods (more on that later.)  Blode Kuh makes a cashew yogurt that has no added sugars.  I bought the plain and the vanilla date. The 6 oz container of the vanilla is sweetened with only half a date and the plain is not sweetened at all.1

I mixed both of the containers together in the Vitamix with a 1/4 cup of almond milk and I added another date and a half so it would be less tart.  The mixture was a little bit runny but I figured it would probably be ok.  Next time I might try to use full fat coconut milk and see what happens.

Next I blended together a handful of blueberries with a little bit of water.  Just enough so the mixture would blend.  The blueberries were already so sweet I didn’t need add anything else.  I forgot to take photos of that part because I was overly excited.  :/

Take your popsicles molds and pour in the yogurt mixture first, then the blueberry mix and add in some granola.  I did 3/4 yogurt mix and 1/4 blueberry but in hindsight I should have layered it more.  I used gluten free store-bought granola but you can also make your own.  I took a knife and pushed the granola down so it really got in there.


Put them in the freezer for a few hours and then enjoy!

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Kippy’s Non-Dairy Ice Cream


A friend of mine recently told me about Kippy’s.  It’s this little unassuming non-diary ice cream shop in Venice that makes all their ice cream out of fresh coconut meat…on site…and it’s organic!!!  All of it is raw but only 2 flavors are actually vegan (the other flavors use honey).  You can mix and match any 2 flavors for $5.50 so obvi, I had to try both of the vegan ones.  The first flavor was date (which blew my fucking mind) and the other was chocolate.

If you’re in LA, this place is must!  I brought my friend Matt who isn’t a vegan and he loved it as well.  They also sell fresh coconut cream there along with a bunch of other stuff.  Their ice cream is so good for you that they offer a CLEANSE of ALL ICE CREAM!  We had it for lunch and felt great about it.


Wait, did I get some on my face?


So as you can tell from my empty bowl…I hated it 😉

For more info check out

Photos by Matt Misisco