Art Outing

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Saturday we ventured out to an art show called Paramount Ranch III in Agoura Hills at Paramount Ranch.  I saw what I believe is the world’s largest butt plug and a shit ton of hipsters.  It was quite a day.

Flannel Shirt: Rails LA

Unicorn Shirt: Xhilaration

Leggings: American Apparel

Boots: Mossimo

Rings: Free People

Eagle Ring: Hardware Larchmont

Orchard Supply Hardware

There are so many glamorous places to go to in Los Angeles.  Orchard Supply Hardware is not one of them, but it sure it get if you need to get a bunch of random stuff in one place.

Osh-2 Osh-3 Osh-4 Osh-6 Osh-10 Osh-11 Osh-15

Shirt : Rip Curl

Jeans: Ever Clothing

Shoes: Blowfish

Necklace: Hardware on Larchmont

Pool Party

In Southern California, the weather is always nice.  Therefore, it’s always pool time.

Pool-2 Pool-3 Pool-4 Pool-5 Pool-6 Pool-7

Atat shirt:  Junk Food Clothing

Shorts: Urban Outfitters

Photos: Matt Misisco

Star Wars and Redbox


In honor on Star Wars Episode 7 coming out, I thought I’d show off my lovely Star Wars Christmas sweater.

Sweater: I found it in the little boys section of Target!

Jeans: Paige Denim

Shoes: Converse