One man’s trash…

Happy New Year! I’ve been so bad about having consistency with this blog, that this year I promise to be better.  More things vegan.  More fun adventures.  More of my favorite products.  It’s gonna be great…unless I don’t follow through, then that would suck.  I’m going to though, but first enjoy some photos.


Cardigan: Mossimo

Shirt: Madewell

Jeans: J Brand

Shoes: Lulu’s

A bike and a romper

jessica-1 jessica-2 jessica-3 jessica-4 jessica-5 jessica-6 jessica-7Truth be told, I never met a romper that I didn’t like and I have no idea how to fix a motorcycle.  I know in this shoot it TOTALLY seems like I know what I’m doing but I have no idea.

Romper: William B

Shoes: Nine West (they’re old as fuck if you couldn’t tell by the heels falling apart)

Jewelry: Flea Market

Lip Color: Avon Bold Bordeaux