How To Go Vegan

Hello!  Happy 2018!  I’ve been gone for a little while but now I’m back.

Toward the end of last year I felt very unmotivated and uninspired to do much of anything.  But then I really thought about what I wanted for myself in the new year and I think what resonated with me most was creating.  Doing things for myself and hopefully inspiring others.

When I first started this blog I wanted it to mainly be about vegan fashion.  However the longer I’m vegan the more I want to figure out how I can further reduce my carbon footprint.  Up until recently I had no idea how much waste was produced in the fashion industry, especially in fast fashion.  “Globally, levels of production and consumption are forecast to increase as fashion waste becomes an environmental crisis to rival plastic pollution in oceans.” That’s pretty scary.  So one of my resolutions for this year was to consume less, do more shopping that thrift stores and only support ethical fashion brands that align with my lifestyle.  Brands that are doing their part as well to reduce their carbon footprint.

So the focus of this blog is shifting slightly but hopefully for the better.  I want to connect with more of the vegan community and help those who are interested in any facet of veganism in any way possible.  Some people just want to learn how to supplement more vegan meals into their lives, or are looking for dairy alternatives, etc and so I made my first youtube video to kick things off.  There are going to be a lot of great things on the channel this year so please subscribe if you’re into that kind of thing 🙂



Grey Day

dress-1 dress-2 dress-3 dress-4 dress-5 dress-7

I found myself wondering the other day: people who live where’s it’s cold…WHY DO YOU LIVE WHERE IT’S COLD!?!  I ask because I am such a wuss when it comes to the blistery, cold weather and so I’m curious how other people deal with it.  After living in California for the last 18 years, my blood is so thin and when the temperature drops below 60, I’m dying.  Ok, maybe that’s being a little dramatic.  I can kinda handle the 50’s but below that I’m a whiney bitch.

I’ve been in Vermont for a few weeks.  My boyfriend grew up here and his family is still here so we come back often to visit.  It’s so gorgeous here this time of year.  You get to see all the leaves changing and can snuggle by the fire.  That’s the stuff I really enjoy.  We take lots of long drives and we passed by this covered bridge and I made Adam pull over so we could take some photo.  I froze my butt off but it was worth it 🙂

Dress and Scarf:  Marshall’s

Boots: Rocket Dog

Location: Ferrisburg, Vermont

Ready For Fall

sweat-1 sweat-2 sweat-3 sweat-4 sweat-5 sweat-6 sweat-7 sweat-8 sweat-9 sweat-10

My friends and I have been doing these things called “clothing swaps” for awhile now.  They’re great!  You get all your friends together and everyone brings clothes that they want to get rid of.  Then, you lay out all the stuff and everyone takes what they want from the piles of clothes, shoes, and accessories.  It’s amazing how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure (so cliche but so true).  I always come away from them with a shit load of new clothes and I didn’t have to pay a dime.  Plus, whatever doesn’t get scooped up, gets donated to a women’s shelter so it’s a win win.

Sweater: Random Store In Santa Fe (I’ll try and figure out what it’s called)

Jeans: 7 For All Mankind (From the clothing swap)

Boots: Very Volatile

Photos: Becca Murray

10 min Vegan Gluten-free Pizza!


I recently discovered that I can make pizza in 10 min, which is a game changer for me.   The longer things take to prepare the less likely I am to make them.  By the time I get hungry I don’t want to wait an hour to eat and I’m horrible at planning ahead.  How I am supposed to know what I want to eat for dinner when it’s so far away?  I digress.  This pizza is so easy, you’ll want to eat it all the time.

Here’s what you need:

Gluten-free brown rice tortillas

Tomato Sauce

Jalapeno Havarti Daiya Cheese

Veggies of your choosing

Vegan Sausage

Here’s the deal, preheat your oven to 400 degrees, then sauté together veggies that you like on pizza.  For the one below I used peppers, mushrooms and spinach.  I also threw in some vegan sausage, Sol Cuisine makes a great one that’s also gluten-free!  I also like to use Beyond Meat’s Beefy Crumble on this as well, or you can leave off the meat and just do veggies.  Like a cookie sheet with aluminum foil (makes clean up so easy), spray with non-stick and put down the brown rice tortilla.  Top with tomato sauce, veggie sausage mix and cheese.  Place in oven and bake for 10 min.


Dinner is served!

Post bake :)
Post bake 🙂

Seed Kitchen

jessica-13Hanging out in a tiny strip mall in Venice, CA is where you’ll find Seed.  I love to grab a bite here whenever I’m in down that way, which is not often enough.  It’s all organic, vegan and macrobiotic. They have a pretty great selection of stuff and quite a few gluten-free options.

jessica-12My friend, Matt, ordered the Mediterranean burger and I got the Seed Chop Chop.


Please ignore the iPhone 4 pictured above, I just got a 6.  I like to wear things into the ground.  Don’t judge.  Also, this is how sexy I look when I eat.


I highly recommend checking this place out if you are in the area.  Photos my Matt Misisco.


Jessie Cakes