Gingham and a playground

jessica-1 jessica-2 jessica-3 jessica-4 jessica-5 jessica-6 jessica-7 jessica-8 jessica-9 jessica-10I am all about gingham these days.  And having fun.  Which is why I still frequent playgrounds.  The kids at the park were a little confused as to what I was doing there but I think deep down they were thinking, “Wow, that old person is really cool.”  The adults on the other hand probably thought I was creepy.  But not nearly as creepy as the weird girl who brought her puppet to the park and was making videos with it on her iPhone.

Pants: Zara

Top: Love Culture

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Necklace & Ring: Hardware

Bracelet: Kim and Zozi

Love You Earrings: Chato Boutique (I’m obsessed with their jewelry)

Photos by Matt Misisco