Seed Kitchen

jessica-13Hanging out in a tiny strip mall in Venice, CA is where you’ll find Seed.  I love to grab a bite here whenever I’m in down that way, which is not often enough.  It’s all organic, vegan and macrobiotic. They have a pretty great selection of stuff and quite a few gluten-free options.

jessica-12My friend, Matt, ordered the Mediterranean burger and I got the Seed Chop Chop.


Please ignore the iPhone 4 pictured above, I just got a 6.  I like to wear things into the ground.  Don’t judge.  Also, this is how sexy I look when I eat.


I highly recommend checking this place out if you are in the area.  Photos my Matt Misisco.


Jessie Cakes



Since this is my first review of anything related to food, let me state for the record that I am not a foodie.  I could eat the same thing every day for the rest of my life and be totally happy, but that would make for a horrible blog.  In addition to being vegan, I’m also gluten-free (not by choice, I have Celiacs Disease).  But I’m starting to cook and branch out more so this is going to be fun for all of us.

The last time I was in Burlington, VT I went to Pingala for lunch and it was amazing so as soon as I got to town, I knew I had to go back.  It’s located in The Chace Mill which is this great old, brick building.  Actually…I have no idea if it’s old.  I just said that because it seems like an old building. front

 The entire cafe is vegan and a large portion of it is gluten-free which is awesome.  The menu is pretty extensive and it’s all local and organic!!! 🙂 menuI wanted to order everything but we decided on Spring Rolls (Vermicelli noodles, fresh spinach, sesame seeds, and pickled vegetables) to start and then my boyfriend, Adam, got the Karma Burger (veggie burger with mixed greens, roasted tomato, red onion, cheese crisp & creamy chipotle aioli on toasted GF millet bread) and I got the California Club (roasted dijon tofu, kale pesto, grilled tomato, red onion, avocado, eggplant bacon, and mixed greens on GF millet bread).

foodThe spring rolls were so good!  They came with this Thai peanut dipping sauce which was delicious.  I want to say that my club was also so good but to be honest, I thought it was meh.  To start things off, when the club came out it had mayo on it.  No where on the menu did it list that there was mayo on the sandwich.  *Here might be a good time to let you know that I DESPISE mayonnaise.  Like, HATE is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel about it, but I digress.  The tofu was supposed to be dijon but it tasted plain to me.  I’m pretty sure they forgot the kale pesto and the millet bread leaves something to be desired.  However, the eggplant bacon on the club was BOMB!  I gotta learn how to make that shit.  And the homemade vinaigrette dressing on the salad was also great.  Adam enjoyed his Karma burger.  I didn’t try it because it had aioli on it.

The desserts looked scrumptious but I was pretty full so I didn’t end up ordering any.dessertThis experience at Pingala was mixed but I feel like I need to give it one more go round to really decide how I feel about since the first time I was there was so epic.  For more info on the restaurant you can go to

Lastly, here is a photo of me eating.  Don’t ask me what I’m doing with my fingers and please excuse my nails.  bite