New Year’s and Shit


Wow, I can’t believe it’s 2017 already!  Where does the time go?  I’ve already broken one of my New Year’s resolutions which was to start posting here consistently starting the first week of January.  I’ve been running around since I got home from Christmas vacation and haven’t really had time to get anything done.  Excuses, excuses…I know.  But I really want to start posting here more often and writing more as opposed to just posting pictures.  Not sure how into that people are going to be but who gives a fuck!

Speaking of zero fucks given, that’s another one of my New Year’s resolutions, to not give a fuck about what people think.  Living in LA (or anywhere for that matter) I feel like it’s so easy to get caught up in what other people think you should or shouldn’t be doing.  What I’m realizing though, is that no one cares.  People are too consumed with themselves to REALLY give a shit about what other people are up to.  And I don’t necessarily mean that in a negative way, I just mean that we’re always on to the next thing and we all spend so much time in our own heads that it’s hard to give too much time and thought to what others are doing.  And even if they do, why should I care?   I’m an adult.  I should be well past the point of giving a shit what people think of me.

These photos were taken when I went home to New Mexico (my home state) for Thanksgiving.  I live in Los Alamos which is about 40 minutes north of Santa Fe.  But I spend a lot of my time in Santa Fe because it is such a magical place and of course no trip home would be complete without eating at Tomasita’s.  It’s the best New Mexican food there is.  I highly recommend going if you’re ever in New Mexico.

Thanksgiving was nice and cool so I was able to bring home sweaters but not so cold that I had to wear a heavy jacket (truth be told I don’t really own and warm jackets).  I loved this Steve Madden poncho sweater because is cute, cozy and super soft.  Also I’m going through a white phase so bear with me.  I know it’s faux pas to wear white after Labor Day, but I think because I live in Southern California where it’s nice year round, it’s ok.

swe-2 swe-3 swe-4 swe-5 swe-6

Top: Steve Madden

Jeans: 7 for all Mankind

Shoes: Rocket Dog




Favorite current trend: Off the shoulder tops

skirt-1 skirt-2 skirt-3 skirt-4 skirt-5 skirt-6 skirt-7 skirt-8 skirt-9

It’s been 90 degrees here in LA for the last week, which is INSANE but to be completely honest, totally normal.  Our summer has basically become August through October.  So while the rest of the country is breaking out sweaters and having pumpkin spiced lattes, Angelenos are trying to wear as little as possible to stay cool.

As we all know, not every trend works for every person.  Just because the fashion industry touts something as “the next best thing”  doesn’t mean you have to get on board.  That’s one thing I love about fashion, you wear what works for you.  I still don’t think I have a specific style.  Sometimes I like more of a rocker vibe and sometimes I want to be more girly.  And that’s totally ok.  I’ve also had to make some adjustments over the last few years switching to a vegan lifestyle.  There are plenty of things that I won’t buy just based on the fact that they have animal products in them.

All that being said, I am completely loving this off the shoulder trend.  I love the upper part of a woman’s body.   The shoulders, the neck, the clavicle…I think it’s so sexy.  So shirts that show them off are a straight up HELL YES for me!

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Shein Shirt

Mini Skirt

Shoes: Madden Girl (old)

Necklace: House Of Harlow

Photos by Becca Murray