New Year’s and Shit


Wow, I can’t believe it’s 2017 already!  Where does the time go?  I’ve already broken one of my New Year’s resolutions which was to start posting here consistently starting the first week of January.  I’ve been running around since I got home from Christmas vacation and haven’t really had time to get anything done.  Excuses, excuses…I know.  But I really want to start posting here more often and writing more as opposed to just posting pictures.  Not sure how into that people are going to be but who gives a fuck!

Speaking of zero fucks given, that’s another one of my New Year’s resolutions, to not give a fuck about what people think.  Living in LA (or anywhere for that matter) I feel like it’s so easy to get caught up in what other people think you should or shouldn’t be doing.  What I’m realizing though, is that no one cares.  People are too consumed with themselves to REALLY give a shit about what other people are up to.  And I don’t necessarily mean that in a negative way, I just mean that we’re always on to the next thing and we all spend so much time in our own heads that it’s hard to give too much time and thought to what others are doing.  And even if they do, why should I care?   I’m an adult.  I should be well past the point of giving a shit what people think of me.

These photos were taken when I went home to New Mexico (my home state) for Thanksgiving.  I live in Los Alamos which is about 40 minutes north of Santa Fe.  But I spend a lot of my time in Santa Fe because it is such a magical place and of course no trip home would be complete without eating at Tomasita’s.  It’s the best New Mexican food there is.  I highly recommend going if you’re ever in New Mexico.

Thanksgiving was nice and cool so I was able to bring home sweaters but not so cold that I had to wear a heavy jacket (truth be told I don’t really own and warm jackets).  I loved this Steve Madden poncho sweater because is cute, cozy and super soft.  Also I’m going through a white phase so bear with me.  I know it’s faux pas to wear white after Labor Day, but I think because I live in Southern California where it’s nice year round, it’s ok.

swe-2 swe-3 swe-4 swe-5 swe-6

Top: Steve Madden

Jeans: 7 for all Mankind

Shoes: Rocket Dog




90’s Vibe


I love baggy clothes.  I know they may not be the most flattering, but they are by far the most comfortable.  They remind me of the 90’s when everyone rocked the baggy jean look.  When I was in Vermont last week it was quite chilly and perfect temperatures for chunky sweaters.  I maybe get to wear things like this in LA once in a blue moon when the temperature drops or if I journey off to the mountains.  So the opportunity to wear fall/winter clothes is quite fun for a day or two.  Btw, I should have worn a jacket this day, it was windy as fuck and I froze my butt off.

90-2 90-3 90-4 90-5 90-6 90-7 90-8 90-9

Sweater: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Levi’s

Boots: Rocket Dog

Location: Burlington, Vermont

Grey Day

dress-1 dress-2 dress-3 dress-4 dress-5 dress-7

I found myself wondering the other day: people who live where’s it’s cold…WHY DO YOU LIVE WHERE IT’S COLD!?!  I ask because I am such a wuss when it comes to the blistery, cold weather and so I’m curious how other people deal with it.  After living in California for the last 18 years, my blood is so thin and when the temperature drops below 60, I’m dying.  Ok, maybe that’s being a little dramatic.  I can kinda handle the 50’s but below that I’m a whiney bitch.

I’ve been in Vermont for a few weeks.  My boyfriend grew up here and his family is still here so we come back often to visit.  It’s so gorgeous here this time of year.  You get to see all the leaves changing and can snuggle by the fire.  That’s the stuff I really enjoy.  We take lots of long drives and we passed by this covered bridge and I made Adam pull over so we could take some photo.  I froze my butt off but it was worth it 🙂

Dress and Scarf:  Marshall’s

Boots: Rocket Dog

Location: Ferrisburg, Vermont

Mix and Match

crop-1 crop-2 crop-3 crop-4 crop-5 crop-6 crop-7

I love going into my closet and mixing things up.  Awhile back I had gotten a 2 piece set from Lulu’s and I remember thinking that both pieces could easily be worn separately.  I love this little frilly crop top so much.  Paired it up with some high waisted Levi’s and boom!

We are so spoiled in Los Angeles because the weather here allows me to wear stuff like this year round.  I’m sure everyone reading this where its freezing is like, “Go fuck yourself” as you bundle up in layers for the cold weather.  But honestly it’s one of the main reasons I love living in Southern California.  The weather rarely gets below 60’s.   Fun fact: I don’t know how to dress for cold weather.

Top: Lulu’s

Jeans: Levi’s

Shoes: Nine West

Photos: Becca Murray


A pop of green

hipster-1 hipster-2 hipster-3 hipster-4 hipster-5 hipster-6 hipster-7 hipster-8 hipster-9 hipster-10

I’m pretty sure I got this cardigan at a thrift store in Los Angeles a few years ago.  I had forgotten about it, like many things in my closet.  I’m sure everyone can relate to that.  I just started reading a book about tidying up your home and taking control of your life (more on that later) but it inspired me to start going through all of my stuff.  Hence, finding this gem.

This oversized dress I snagged at a clothing swap and the shoes came from Target.  I’ve been wanting clogs forever but due to the fact that most are made from leather, I hadn’t gotten a pair.  But Target is killing it with their shoe selection lately and I scored big with these.

Dress/Cardigan: Thrifted/Swapped

Belt: Zara


Photos: Becca Murray

Ready For Fall

sweat-1 sweat-2 sweat-3 sweat-4 sweat-5 sweat-6 sweat-7 sweat-8 sweat-9 sweat-10

My friends and I have been doing these things called “clothing swaps” for awhile now.  They’re great!  You get all your friends together and everyone brings clothes that they want to get rid of.  Then, you lay out all the stuff and everyone takes what they want from the piles of clothes, shoes, and accessories.  It’s amazing how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure (so cliche but so true).  I always come away from them with a shit load of new clothes and I didn’t have to pay a dime.  Plus, whatever doesn’t get scooped up, gets donated to a women’s shelter so it’s a win win.

Sweater: Random Store In Santa Fe (I’ll try and figure out what it’s called)

Jeans: 7 For All Mankind (From the clothing swap)

Boots: Very Volatile

Photos: Becca Murray

Wraps and Flares

wrap-1 wrap-2 wrap-3 wrap-4 wrap-5 wrap-6 wrap-7 wrap-8 wrap-9 wrap-10

I went home to New Mexico a few weeks ago.  Fall is one of the best time of times a year to go because the weather is cool, people are roasting chile on the side of the road and leaves are changing.  I always go to Santa Fe to get my shopping on.  The plaza is a great place to buy turquoise and silver at a good price.  There is one store off San Francisco street that I always go to get wraps.  Of course like an asshole, I don’t remember the name of it, but I will try and find it.

Wraps are perfect of fall and living in Southern California, year round.  They are cozy but not quite as heavy as a jacket.  Oh, and they are the BEST on airplanes because they double as a blanket.  This one perfectly represents the southwest with the patterns.  I also love the colors.  And lastly, its 100% acrylic!  No wool and no animals harmed in the making of it and costs a whooping $35.  What a steal.  I will find out the name of the store for you guys…

Wrap: Store on the plaza

Top: Forever 21

Jeans: Mother’s Denim

Shoes: Lulu’s

Photos: Becca Murray